Casa Bonita Villas Khayangan Estate

Bali, is Bali, famous as a home for everyone, all nationalities, where diversity of cultures perfectly melt into the deep Balinese culture and become one of unique signature living. Where living is created in style, holiday’s become a lifestyle, and wedding’s in Bali have definitely become a popular destination.

Choices can be a simple wedding for two, anintimate family wedding celebration by your own design, or a special theme wedding celebration. From a legal civil ceremony or just lead by an official celebrant to share the liturgy on the entire celebration. There are numerous chapels to choose from, or just simply choose one from thousands of venue, from your own private villa, the stunning beach area or the memorable alluring cliff edge with the sunset background.

We are here to make your wedding as simple as you can imagine, with less headache and to make sure to deliver the best premier personalised service, with the amazing timeless story to share, forever.

 Your love celebration journey begin here..